Hi there! I am Claudia Reynders, a hearing impaired tech generalist.

For the last +3 years I have been the founder and driving force behind a community called women.code(be). This is a community for women who code in Belgium, that I'm very passionate about.

My work at women.code(be) is so varied that I feel no single job title could describe it. Besides all design and development work, it varies between steering the community, interviewing members for our spotlight series, organising events, looking for speakers, compiling the monthly newsletter and more!

Aside from community building & event organisation, over the last decade, I have been employed as a front-end developer, product manager and designer. All those experiences made me the generalist that I am today.

At the moment, I'm learning more about accessibility & inclusive design.

Starting halfway March 2021, I will be available 2 days a week, contact me if you have any questions.

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From 2018 till 2019 I took classes to specialise further in User Experience, during this period I worked on a thesis project. The assignment for this thesis project was to choose a problem, research it and come up with a fitting solution. Continue reading

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Other projects

women.code(be) TechTalks branding

women.code(be) event branding

More work for the women.code(be) community! This time I took on the branding for our TechTalks event branding. The goal was to give our events a more professional feel and to create formats that can be used on various social media platforms.

From here on out there will also be put more focus on sponsors and guest speakers.

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super Mario Cards snapshot

Super Mario Cards - minigame

Ever played an older Super Mario Bros game and its mini card game? This is a small tribute to those countless hours I've spend playing Super Mario games. The goal was to build something and just have fun no matter what the outcome might be.

Code on GitHub Live version
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They say practice makes perfect...

Since the start of the pandemic, I decided to practice my design skills by doing small design challenges. Some of which can be viewed in a bigger format on Dribbble.

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